Tenant & Buyer Representation 

Finding the right property requires a thorough investigation of all possible options. Summit does this by scouring both local and national commercial databases and by inquiring on your behalf with area property owners and brokers. This results in locating multiple properties that fit your needs and your budget. After selecting the right property, we help you negotiate an offer that puts your needs first. Because we know the market intimately, we can bring insightful solutions to the most challenging problems.

Our goal in representing Tenants is to get you the most affordable lease rate and terms given the current market conditions and provide you maximum flexibility to either expand your footprint, or contract if need be, as your business needs change.

For Buyers, we bring you not only properties already listed and on the market but also access to a private party “pocket listings”; those owners we know who may sell under the right circumstances. We then help you understand the true market value of the property using both the income approach and the sales comparable approach to real estate valuation. We can connect you with local bankers who specialize in your type of commercial loan. Lastly, we guide through the buying process while protecting your interests. We’ll assist by doing the proper due diligence on items such as permitting, inspections, title work, the survey, the environmental assessment and finally, the closing.